Does ‘public relations’ confuse you? Often times we are approached about what it is that we do exactly, and whether or not public relations is a necessity for your project or your business. Our answer, of course, is YES. But why?

Indy Knife vs GunBecause we know your audience and how to communicate with them effectively! And whether you’re developing a new project requiring permitting or running a business that carries obvious risk potential – you only get one chance to make a first impression.

While the “public” part of PR encompasses things like, government affairs, media relations, press conferences and community outreach, most of what we do is behind-the-scenes. We are passionate about our clients and we get deep into the trenches with you to truly understand your project and your goals. Then we figure out how best to communicate – your often technical and complex issues – to the community, the media and the decision makers.

When elected officials decide the fate of your project, public opinion is critical! But who’s defining you to the public? Is it the media? Professional opposition groups? The neighbors surrounding the project? Your competitors? It should be you along with the most credible and influential people in the community.

When crises occur, are you prepared to respond effectively? Have you laid the groundwork, developed a Crisis Communications Plan and put professionals in place?

If you plan on doing business here in Kern County, it is imperative that you have people on your team who are very familiar with the region, the people, the politics and possess a long track record of success.

If you already do business in Kern County, it is equally imperative that you have a professional team and a plan in place to respond effectively in a crisis. As your clients and customers observe you during an emergency – in today’s SOCIAL Media and SAFETY-focused culture – how you respond could literally make or break your business.

As natives of California’s energy capital we are adept and experienced at working with clients not only in the oil & gas industries but in water, mining, land development, solar power and other vital businesses.

Protect your investment. Guard your reputation. We will position you for success by ensuring that you communicate just as effectively as you operate.

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