Surviving the World of Public Relations

The world of Public Relations can be a scary place. Tasks can come from every direction in PR, which makes it important to have a game plan. Here are three tips that will help you survive the world of PR:

1. Buckle Up! PR is a rollercoaster
Public Relations is unpredictable. Some days will fly by without you ever knowing, while other days may make you want to curl up under your desk in the fetal position. It comes with the territory and you’re just going to have to roll with the punches. A big project may feel like going 12 rounds with a heavyweight, but you’ll feel great when it’s all over! Ask questions – it can help alleviate the burden of an imposing task. Remember, there are no stupid questions, unless you’ve asked them already. By that definition most of my questions are stupid.

2. Always double check that social media post!
It can be difficult to hold back how you really feel about a situation, whether it involves a disagreement with your boss or how bad your co-worker’s taste in music is, but try and refrain from posting anything on social media – you’ll thank yourself for it later! Anything you post on the internet is capable of following you for the rest of your life. Remember that spelling and grammer is important. No one is going to take your rant seriously if you spell like a second grader. The same can be said for tweeting at appropriate times. People aren’t going to enjoy being tagged in your tweet at 2 a.m. This is a great way to lose a follower!

3. Stretch, eat, laugh
Make your day in the office less daunting by breaking it up. Get up and stretch, practice yoga, run with theMarch Blog bulls, the possibilities are endless. Find a reasonable pace between that of the tortoise and the hair to avoid getting burnt out too quickly at work and to actually get things done! And much like how athletes need to take a break after a quarter or period, you can refresh while you’re at lunch. Having to stay and eat lunch at work every day could be the definition of cruel and unusual punishment. Lastly, remember to have some HR approved fun at work. You’ll appreciate your job more and your relationships with your coworkers will grow.

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