Slate Mailers

"The election result was generally attributed to Olson's heavy spending on slate mailers..."  Read more
"Political consultants...believe Kreep's unexpected victory was the result of voters' lack of knowledge and Kreep's purchase of slate mailers."  Read more

Landslide Communications, Inc. is a publishing and political communications business. Landslide is the sole marketing agent for a highly persuasive election direct-mail program utilizing “slate mail” targeted to “high-propensity” voters. Landslide seeks to persuade and focuses on “middle-of-the-road and conservative voters”, who comprise 65% of the state electorate, to vote for candidates and measures who advertise on Landslide’s slate mailers.  Slate mail is an inexpensive method of direct-voter contact that allows candidates and measures to join together in a mailing, this reducing the cost of the voter contact for each campaign.

Sales Director, Tracy Leach

Tracy Leach is the president of Providence Strategic Consulting, Inc. (PSCI), a certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise public relations firm in Bakersfield, California. Providence specializes in developing strategic communications plans with extensive expertise in public affairs campaigns designed to produce successful project permitting. The firm represents the oil and energy sector, developers, rail, mining, water, business owners, and organizations requiring strategic advising, governmental relations and a strong advocate for their position. PSCI has a 100% success rate in project permitting.

Tracy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in communications and has served as a consultant and campaign manager for numerous city, county, state and federal campaigns. In addition, she has consulted for nearly a dozen successful statewide ballot initiatives, managing Central California outreach.

Tracy is a member of both the International and American Association of Political Consultants, Alliance of Women in Energy, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), as well as Chairman of the local chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.