Crisis communication

Whether you are experiencing a crisis in your business or organization or just learning how to avoid one – we’re ready! Our knowledgeable staff has experience you can trust to help you navigate any delicate or time sensitive situation. We facilitate constant communication with all stakeholders, listening and responding appropriately to all issues and concerns. We work to protect your brand and reputation in real-time and across all traditional media and digital media channels.

Providence specializes in taking charge of sensitive issues and managing crises for companies or individuals during times of great and unexpected challenges in the workplace. They say the news cycle is measured in seconds, so responding quickly (and intelligently) on crisis PR issues is an absolute must. Crises require the knowledge and expertise of PR professionals. What possibly took minutes to occur can take years to undo. We’ve seen it. We are proud to have the team and the experience to help you make quick, important, yet strategic decisions.


Our team is highly skilled in handling reputation management on and offline. Whether navigating social media or traditional media, you need a partner that can walk you through any situation. When negative stories appear, we can positively impact your online standing or offline reputation.


During tough circumstances, call the best. We’ve handled a broad spectrum of issues: business and personal litigation, cybercrimes, confidentiality breaches, environmental problems, misinformation, and a variety of sensitive political issues. Our expertise and ability to confidently take the reins in these circumstances, help us achieve the results our clients desire.

How we work and who we work with

Establishing a plan is paramount when managing a crisis. After being briefed thoroughly on the issue(s) at hand, we will work quickly on a thoughtful strategy which includes several components:

  • Content – will you need a statement, social media content, website updates, talking points?
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Internal and external communication strategies
  • Media relations

These are just a few of the things we can assist with to ensure your goals are met following any crisis. We regularly work alongside companies’ or individuals’ existing HR, legal and sometimes (as in the case of cybercrime crisis situation) IT teams for a streamlined and cohesive approach.