Strategic communications

Providence Strategic Consulting, Inc. specializes in creating strategic communications plans for our clients. We have produced plans for reputation challenges, public relations crises, new brands and zoning projects. We have extensive experience working with a variety of nonprofit organizations, as well as oil, agriculture and healthcare industries. At Providence, we are qualified to build your business’s communications plan from the ground up. Our clients count on us to help build their brand in a positive light using strategic communications. We will exceed your expectations by utilizing our public affairs and digital marketing skills to enhance your unique plan.

Social media management

Providence Strategic Consulting, Inc. produces and manages many social media accounts for clients in a variety of industries. Our creative team creates content for these accounts, uses in-house photography, videography and graphic design. At Providence, we utilize the tools necessary, such as Facebook and Instagram advertising, to efficiently build our clients’ brand and increase brand awareness. We have knowledge in social media analytics and report our efforts to our clients regularly. Our clients trust us to succeed in their objectives and protect their reputation.

Digital marketing

At Providence Strategic Consulting, Inc., we specialize in creating modern, effective digital marketing campaigns. We are proficient in website SEO and advertising strategies and utilize our skills to promote and maintain our clients’ brands, products or services on the world wide web and social media platforms. The marketing team at Providence is Google AdWords certified, which ensures proficiency in Google ads placement.

With our certifications and extensive knowledge of digital marketing strategies, Providence is qualified to help you grow your business’s presence on the web through Google AdWords and website SEO. Providence will also successfully maintain your social media presence via all platforms and digital advertising mediums.

Event management

Providence Strategic Consulting, Inc. has extensive experience in event planning, coordination and management. Providence can assist in every event planning stage, or simply day-of coordination. We have experience working with budgets, schedules, vendors and venues throughout central California. Our creative team can produce graphic design materials, videography and photography that will be sure to impress. From conferences and seminars to presentations and grand openings, we are equipped to support you in the development and successful execution of any event.

Issue advocacy

Providence Strategic Consulting, Inc. assists clients by providing them with the tools necessary to advocate for the issues they care about most. With our help, clients learn how to navigate government agencies and build key relationships with all officials and their staff. Providence has a rich history in advocating for water, oil and gas production, healthcare and job creation, amongst many other issues. Having never lost a campaign, Providence’s track record is unmatched!

Photography and videography

Providence Strategic Consulting, Inc. specializes in photography of all kinds. From product photography to professional headshots to event photography, we have your bases covered. Our team is dedicated to getting you the perfect shot, every time.

Creating high quality video content is no longer unattainable. Here at Providence Strategic Consulting, Inc., we combine your initiative with our ideas and produce videos for all social media platforms, website and television formats all in-house. From high definition to 4K video quality, we ensure the highest quality of content for all our clients and their needs.

Coalition building

Providence Strategic Consulting, Inc. has extensive experience in coalition building. Our firm assists clients with grassroots campaign efforts to build any type of coalition. The relationships we’ve developed with small business owners, local elected officials, chambers of commerce and organizations is what sets us apart from other firms.

At Providence, we can create and launch aggressive advertising campaigns via direct mail, TV, radio, billboards, digital and print. Our firm builds social media campaigns across all platforms designed specifically for each of our clients to successfully build support and awareness.

Drone photography

Expand your horizons with breathtaking drone photography and videography. Certified and licensed drone pilots here at Providence Strategic Consulting, Inc. will transform your story into groundbreaking HD and 4K quality video. Shared years of video making experience and an appreciation of cinematic quality will bring forth a revitalized way to tell your audience about your brand and objectives through the landscape of drone photography and videography!

Website development

Providence Strategic Consulting, Inc. provides assistance in website development. Providence has experience creating attractive websites that thoroughly reflect our clients’ missions, visions and values. Providence also has the skills necessary to target the right consumers and identify competitors to further enhance and highlight clients’ services. At Providence, we build websites that bring positive results. The creative team at Providence is equally skilled in graphic design, photography and videography, all of which can help make your website stand out.

Litigation public relations

Expertise in Litigation PR is often engaged during legal disputes to effectively manage public perceptions across communication channels. Providence has worked with a multitude of law firms to assist when issues hit the media, from business crises, to high-profile cases to controversial project permitting, we make sure that the messages are on point and consistent.

From message preparation to media training, our team of PR litigation communications professionals delivers strategic advice on the best strategies and in keeping with the broader legal position. We also help manage and procure media coverage as needed, and we monitor all media communication channels, including social media, to ensure that our team is fully informed and prepared.

What Providence can do:

  • Develop a litigation PR strategy
  • Prepare litigation messages
  • Manage media relations including social media listening
  • Ensure that the client's business is well-represented and protected for the long-term

Crisis communication

Whether you are experiencing a crisis situation in your business or organization or just learning how to avoid one - we’re ready! Our knowledgeable staff has experience you can trust to help you navigate any delicate or time sensitive situation. We facilitate constant communication with all stakeholders, listening and responding appropriately to all issues and concerns. We work to protect your brand and reputation in real-time and across all traditional media and digital media channels.

Crisis Communications PR: Cyber Attacks

During COVID-19, ransomware attacks have become even more common. It’s estimated that these cyber attacks have cost businesses more than $20 billion this year alone, and the average cost of one attack is $133,000.
Cyber security threats are more sophisticated than ever, and these hackers know how to threaten not only your business and client information, but also your public image. These crises quickly turn into a PR nightmare, and you need help.
Our team is experienced in handling data breach public relations. We can help you protect your brand from the threat of bad publicity after a cyber-attack, and we can minimize the damage from public security risks. The best part? Our services are typically covered by your insurance, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. In 2021, you need to be ready to protect your business from cybercrime. You need Providence on your side.

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