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Oildale Mutual Water Company

Project description
20 January 2021

In 2011, Oildale Mutual Water Company (OMWC) approached Providence for assistance with creating a strategic communications plan for the longtime water purveyor. At the time, OMWC was mired in decades-long litigation with a neighboring water district, the provider of their residential water supply.
Providence created clear messages and vehicles for OMWC to communicate with customers in the Oildale service territory via newsletters, Facebook and a Twitter feed.

Once communications were underway, Providence created a strategic plan to replace the three rival water district board member seats as they came up for re-election in November 2012. Using a campaign of website, social media, email blasts, door-to-door, direct mail, robo calls and billboard advertising, Providence successfully unseated the incumbent board members and brought an end to expensive litigation and conflict.

In subsequent years, Providence created a new OMWC website and has assisted the Company with media relations, social media management and newsletter production.

Today, Oildale Mutual Water Company enjoys a positive relationship with its customers, their wholesale water provider and the community thanks to effective strategic communications.