Virtual event management

Case Study: Bring Back Your Biz Webinars

As we all remember so well, the beginning of quarantine held an air of uncertainty and fear surrounding the future of our community. Businesses were forced to close their doors with no promise of when they would reopen. It was a hard time for everyone. In the wake of this ambiguity, we knew we had to do something to help local businesses.

Our goal was to use our skills to help our neighbors make it through the lock-in – giving them the tools they would need to not only survive, but to thrive, as we all pivoted to our new reality. Most importantly, we wanted to help instill hope and remind everyone that we were all in the trenches together.

But how?

With everything closed and every event cancelled, we had no choice but to do a virtual event. Like many teams, we had never even considered doing a virtual event before 2020, but it was time to try something new So, we set off to learn as much as we could about hosting a successful digital event.

We looked at every kind of software out there, signed up for every webinar we could find and read countless blogs to see what others were doing right (and wrong), and how we could put all this information to good use for our community.

Then, when we were ready, we reached out to the Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce and the Fresno Chamber of Commerce to see if they were interested in cohosting this event with us for their members. They both happily agreed, and we were off!

We developed content for two sessions:

Session one: Develop a digital marketing strategy that will help businesses thrive during COVID-19 and beyond.

Session two: Give practical, actionable tips to build content and create effective Facebook ads to reach potential customers.

Then, with the help of the chambers, we started marketing these events and reaching out to people we knew would be interested.

And it was a success! Both sessions were packed with local business owners that were ready to learn more about pivoting during times of crisis, and we were able to accomplish our goal of helping our community.

Since then, we’ve held a dozen other virtual events, both for ourselves and our clients, and honed in on what makes a great virtual event. Whether it’s a webinar, a fundraiser event, or anything in between, our team has been through it all with virtual events and we are ready to take on even more events in the coming months!

If you need help hosting a virtual event, you are not alone! Give us a call to see how we can help you bring your event to life online!