Business Crises – “What, Me Worry?”

crisis averted_May blogOnly teenagers think, “That’ll never happen to me”….right? As mature businessmen and women you have fully protected your business, brand and reputation with a clear Crisis Communications Plan in place, your top executives are media trained and you won’t ever get caught unprepared by an accident, emission, employee misbehavior or lawsuit. Uh huh. Or not.

Think of all the eventualities you have prepared for within your business from budgeting to safety to succession plans. But how equipped are you for one of the above medium to major disasters?

If you encounter any of these crises, what impression will be left of your company by your customers, employees, public, media and regulators?

We have entered multiple crises with clients and preparation is the key to protecting your business. How you respond can make the difference between continuing success and a disastrous financial nosedive.

So what can you do to make sure your company is ready for a really bad day/week/month?

  • Create even a simple plan that you will follow in case of an emergency;
  • Define and list contact information for your management team, public relations professional and legal counsel;
  • Identify a single spokesperson – and their backup – ahead of time. How prepared are these individuals for media encounters? Media training will help you prepare;
  • Review and update the plan regularly

Need help? Call us. We can help you prepare and support your company during difficult litigation, activist opposition, job site accidents or other crises.

Stuff happens. How you respond will distinguish the great companies from the mediocre.

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