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The 3 C’s to Fostering Employee Engagement

At Providence, we strive to provide an engaging culture for our employees. Employee engagement builds a network of committed team members and significantly enhances our reason for existing:  to provide outstanding problem-solving services to our clients. Directly involving employees in company planning and its overall mission and offering a system of recognition for good work connects employees with their organization. 

Providing opportunities for professional development and growth, offering flexible schedules, creating a positive work environment, and recognizing and rewarding employees for their contributions are all ways to boost employee engagement. Employee engagement is integral to any successful business as it directly impacts productivity and morale. 

The 3 C’s:

  1. Communication

Providing clear and consistent messaging allows team members to be on board with an organization’s goals, strategies, and operations with complete transparency. Provide opportunities for employees to offer feedback and suggest ways to improve workplace culture – be open to suggestions!

  1. Connection

Community building is also a key strategy to connect employees with the workplace environment. Offering recognition programs, team-building activities, and social events can encourage a sense of community and foster mutual respect and collaboration among employees. These activities also contribute to a culture of respect and trust within the workplace environment.

  1. Care

Studies show that people are more willing to back and support an organization they can connect with regarding overall community impact. Employees that can connect to the organization’s bigger picture and align with its mission will be more committed. Job crafting is another way to connect employees with your organization’s purpose, which involves reframing one’s mindset regarding everyday work activities. 

The Takeaway

Show care for your employees’ well-being by implementing beneficial company policies such as offering collaboration platforms, health benefits, and flexible schedules. Fostering employee engagement through the 3 C’s: communication, connection, and care, will ultimately make your business more productive and impactful.

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