The 3 C’s to Fostering Employee Engagement

At Providence, we strive to provide an engaging culture for our employees. Employee engagement builds a network of committed team members and significantly enhances our reason for existing:  to provide outstanding problem-solving services to our clients. Directly involving employees in company planning and its overall mission and offering a system of recognition for good work connects […]

The Future of Agriculture in CA Summit

The Maddy Institute, in partnership with Fresno State University, CSU Bakersfield, Stanislaus State, UC Merced, the Livermore Lab Foundation and Climate Now, hosted a one-day in-person and live stream educational summit to address the future of agriculture in California and the role of climate change.  The summit was packed full of presentations and panels that […]

7 Steps to Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is an essential process for any organization seeking long-term success in their business. According to a recent Forbes article, there are seven key steps to effective strategic planning. First perform an industry analysis by assessing the market’s competitive landscape, trends and external forces with reliable data backed by thorough market research.  Conduct a […]

Business Planning: The Road Map to Success

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” This famous quote from Benjamin Franklin proves true when it comes to business. Business planning is critical for any organization’s success. A well-crafted plan creates a roadmap of success for your company and marks out strategic tactics to achieve your goals. Devoting time to planning […]

5 Key Takeaways from the 2022 PRSA Travel & Tourism Conference

Applying classroom learning to workplace practices When you think of a Public Relations professional, what are some of the first characteristics that come to mind? For me, it is an outgoing personality, and the ability to adapt quickly and think on your feet. This May, PRSA’s (Public Relation Society of America) Travel & Tourism section […]

Blog Q&A: Internship Program

We are ecstatic about our top-notch internship program for budding PR professionals! Providence offers qualified interns an opportunity to learn all things strategy and communications as it relates to public relations. Our firm is unique in its approach to PR and marketing, plus we are a certified woman-owned and operated business. The ladies from our […]

Why Advocacy and Communications are a Perfect Pair

What is Issue Advocacy?  Issue advocacy is similar to selling a product – it’s about winning support through effective communication. The essential goal of issue advocacy is influencing public opinion, by effectively communicating with the media, elected officials, and other stakeholders – that’s why a strong communications strategy is the driving force in a successful […]

PR in the Central Valley

The Central Valley is rich in natural resources – ranking seventh in the world for the largest economy and is the leading agricultural producer in California. Central Valley agriculture generates $17 billion a year- not only supporting America’s food supply chain but supplying the global market with almonds, grapes, citrus and dairy. The region’s fertile […]

Providence’s Tips and Tricks for Building Media Relationships in 2021

Want to stay relevant in 2021? Consider building media relationships to gain the spotlight. This form of earned media is an excellent tool to stay relevant and enhance your (or your client’s) brand image.. Building media relationships is a beneficial layer to your overall marketing strategy. Earned media is often the result of cultivating great […]


Business trends come and go, but online content remains visible to the public forever— that’s why it’s crucial to protect your company’s online reputation to ensure that your business thrives. Ever had a bad review or misinformation circled about your business on social media? Negative news can be detrimental to your company’s reputation and image. […]