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Business trends come and go, but online content remains visible to the public forever— that’s why it’s crucial to protect your company’s online reputation to ensure that your business thrives.

Ever had a bad review or misinformation circled about your business on social media? Negative news can be detrimental to your company’s reputation and image. Not to worry, though, you can implement brand reputation management measures to prevent harm to your brand image.

That said, the best way to avoid online negativity is by being proactive. Staying up to date on online security and doing routine checks can prevent any mishaps. This is important because protecting your online reputation is vital to your overall brand image and business’s success – how consumers view your brand will affect their willingness to support your business!

Transparency is key

Creating a solid brand reputation requires integrity. Transparency in your business’s online operations with both customers and employees is key to establishing your brand as trustworthy. Authenticity in your engagement with consumers on your online platforms and website is essential to preserving your company’s image.

Security, alerts and privacy settings

Institute strong security measures as a safety net for any potential threats to your company’s reputation. Set up Google alerts so you’ll be notified whenever you or your company are mentioned online. Check privacy settings on all social media platforms to ensure you’re not tagged in a photo or a post contrary to your brand image.

Another preventative method is educating employees about online security to ensure company and customer data remains safe. Install VPN on company accounts and devices, use reliable hosting with strong encryption for your website, and keep all company software up to date. In some cases, it’s worth hiring a professional reputation management firm to prevent any security breaches or further issues.

Negative comments

Negative comments or reviews can destroy your business so it’s important to deal with negative posts respectfully. If it’s a customer review, it’s best to address the comment head-on, not in anger or rebuttal but with transparency to regain their trust in your company.

On the other hand, if it’s an article or post that contains false information or badly represents your company, first request the content be removed. If the request is denied, produce new content that will ultimately rank higher on Google searches to outweigh the negative, such as blog articles, videos on YouTube, or press releases. Also, refresh your social media pages with new quality content that will come up first on searches. Effectively managing your company’s social media is essential for preserving brand reputation.

Routine search engine checks

The content you see when searching your company name online is the same as what is visible to the public. If you see your online presence through the eyes of the consumer, you can better protect your brand’s online reputation. Do a routine Google search of your company weekly to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. By protecting your online reputation, you ensure your company’s image, social proof and finances are secure.

Now you’re ready to protect your brand online! If you’re not sure where to get started or how to create a strategy for your business, contact us! We can help.

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