We want you to be equipped with all the right tools as you close the book on 2020 and embark on yet another new year. So many challenges and hurdles made 2020 a very bizarre year to put it mildly and it doesn’t look like the first quarter of 2021 will be quite the breath of fresh air we desperately desire. In addition to COVID-19, a murder hornet scare and more virtual meetings than we care to admit we slept through (call us –  we can help with that), 2020 also saw an increase in cybercrimes.

We have seen the consequences of such duplicitous, invasive crimes and want to share some important information that could help you ward off these attacks or set a plan in place for when/if they do.

It’s estimated that cyber-attacks have cost businesses more than $20 billion this year alone, with the average cost of just one attack being $133,000. Cyber-attacks feel especially violating because criminals can maliciously attack you from anywhere in the world; potentially disabling your technology, gaining unauthorized access to your devices, and stealing valuable, private and privileged data.

Though not a new phenomenon, cybercrimes such as ransomware attacks have become more common during COVID. With so much of our lives housed on our computers and smart devices, it is safe to say this type of criminal activity isn’t going away. Thankfully, our team is very experienced in handling data breach public relations and will work with you to ensure your company or brand comes out of this successfully.

Most business owners know you will need quick IT and legal help if you ever find yourself in the middle of cybercrime activity, but your public relations partner is also a crucial component in protecting your company and your brand in these difficult situations.

Cybersecurity threats happen rapidly and are more sophisticated than ever. These hackers know how to threaten not only your business and confidential information, but also harm your public image. And it can happen to any type of business. Depending on the level of damage caused by these criminals, you will have to figure out how to alert your colleagues, clients and sometimes even the public. These crises can quickly turn into a PR nightmare and you will need to be strategic and timely in your response. 

As with many other things in life, having a plan before disaster strikes is best. We can help you develop a plan for handling these types of cybercrimes, assist you with messaging and ensure you have a team in place to thwart the crime or attack it head on if you are affected.

Though cybercrimes such as ransomware have become more prevalent, our team at Providence has only become more expert at helping clients navigate out of these situations successfully.

Did you know public relations is often covered by your insurance? When confronted with malicious cybercrimes aimed at your brand, your IT, legal and PR teams can work seamlessly together to retrieve stolen data, bring justice to those responsible and ensure your brand’s public image is protected and your company’s good name, restored. You need the highly experienced and crisis comms certified team at Providence on your side in these tough circumstances. Here’s to a safe, secure and prosperous 2021!

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