It’s hairy out there: 3 PR tips we can learn from ‘The Donald’

Trump blogBrash billionaire businessman, Donald Trump has thrown his toupee (we know, he says it’s “real”), in the ring in the race for the White House, and believe it or not, we can learn a few things from this tough tycoon…


You don’t have to appeal to everyone. Just don’t offend an entire nation. #Mexico

Just in case you thought making broad, public, criminal assumptions about an entire people…don’t. In all seriousness, not everyone will like you or want to do business with you and that’s OK. Don’t ever compromise what you stand for just to get business. Maintaining your unique, genuine self is imperative. People will respect you. People will also respect you if you keep some things to yourself, possess a filter and present yourself professionally.


Harness the power of social media: But please refrain from starting Twitter wars with the ladies from The View…

Whether Molly Sims is deserving of a seat at the table on The View, I really don’t know. Do not attack others via social media. You will always look bad and will undoubtedly damage your company’s reputation. Your company or organization has an incredible opportunity to engage with its audience via social media platforms. What Trump has done, though, is use his social platforms to apologize, engage and repair his image. Use these resources to stay relevant, boost business and keep customers happy.


Don’t hide from a crisis: But you can avoid creating it. Remove foot from mouth…

“Stuff” happens, but don’t wait until the situation is out of control before you get help. Work with your PR professionals to establish a dynamite Crisis Management plan so you and your team can overcomb…I mean, overcome. Address the controversy swiftly, with transparency and humility. With the right help from an experienced firm, that ‘crisis’ can quickly become anything but.



By Rachel Glauser, Communications Manager

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