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The Central Valley is rich in natural resources – ranking seventh in the world for the largest economy and is the leading agricultural producer in California. Central Valley agriculture generates $17 billion a year- not only supporting America’s food supply chain but supplying the global market with almonds, grapes, citrus and dairy. The region’s fertile soil and favorable weather allow for diverse crop production and positions itself as the obvious choice for many agribusinesses to set up shop. 

Some of the leading businesses in the agriculture industry operate right here in Kern County – accounting for the employment of over 53,000 people in the private sector. According to the California Agricultural Statistics Review, conducted by the state Department of Food and Agriculture, Kern County produces three of the state’s top agricultural exports for California.

Besides the booming agribusinesses, the energy sector is a leading economic player for the Central Valley. Kern County’s oil and gas industry accounts for 72% of California’s oil production and 70% of gas production. However, new regulations of oil production in California have brought about another key player to the Central Valley economy – renewable energy. Renewable energy is the latest on the scene to Kern County’s economy and many investors are turning to the region as a hub for building energy plants. As the world turns to renewable energy production, the Central Valley is becoming a spotlight for production. 

Although the oil and gas industry has faced a major shift recently, the global economy still relies heavily on its supply. This requires many companies in this industry cluster to enact a strategic outreach campaign to handle crisis communications, secure brand image and navigate new government regulations on oil and gas production. 

Oil companies are accustomed to fluctuating market prices among other challenges over the years. However, the recent challenge of government legislation demands new marketing tactics. Many companies must adapt from the industry’s status quo as the energy sector evolves. These challenges can be navigated with the assistance of a knowledgeable firm that is familiar with the ins and outs of local, state and federal legislation.

A well-networked firm can make the right connections and act as a liaison to the public on behalf of its clients. From project permitting to business crisis, a PR firm can work with local law firms handling litigation issues and crisis communication with the media. This ensures messaging is kept consistent across platforms and company reputation maintains intact. 

As renewable energy companies step in, they require top-notch PR firms to introduce their organization to the public, answer questions, communicate with landowners affected by the building of these new energy plants, handle zoning and build coalitions. Businesses within this industry cluster can tremendously benefit from a strategic outreach campaign conducted in the Central Valley.

PR work entails building strong, reputable brand imaging as well as educating the public on company operations. PR strategic tactics can include: 

– enhancing brand image 

– securing earned media opportunities

– running social media campaigns

– producing digital ads

– creating newsletters

– handling media training and coverage

– developing legal positioning strategies

PR is the business of relationships. Building and maintaining positive relations with the media, the community and government agencies is the crux of the work. Promoting a reputable brand image and managing effective public relations in the Central Valley requires expertise in implementing strong strategies that best reach your targeted audience. 

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