Providence Consulting Employees or the New NASCAR Team?

Got Speed? Our team sure thought so at the beginning of our team building experience. On Friday, June 30th, the Providence team went out to Bakersfield Karting Experience for an enriching, momentum filled adventure. The team was ready to race after some delicious pizza and burgers. The anticipation was killing everyone as we waited for the race. The events leading up to our race were honestly quite hilarious. Have you ever heard of a head sock? We hadn’t either… but, a head sock is a necessary piece of material resembling a sock that goes on your head, self-explanatory I guess? After we retrieved our head socks, we got our helmets and neck pads and were ready to go.

We sat in our karts, one foot on the gas, one foot on the break, and got ready to race. As soon as the light turned green everyone took off. We had some fast karts, some slow karts, and some mediocre karts. Everyone had their eyes on the prize. A Starbucks card, $45 and a trophy of course.

Pedals went to the metal and we were off. It was hard to tell who was winning throughout the race. After 20 laps of speed, the race came to an end and the list was posted. Lauryn in 1st, she doesn’t even work here anymore!!! We love her anyways. Notice in the picture below, she is already holding up a number 1. How did she know? Meet our team and hear about their amazing abilities.

Jammin Jewlz: Jewlz, no doubt, has a jamming personality and is amazing at everything she does… except racing… racing is another story…

Ambitious Amanda: Amanda was ambitious from the start. She was ready to stomp everyone in her way. She got pretty close. Julie was talking smack in the beginning, and Amanda slyly beat her.

Manic Maddie: Maddie, Maddie, Maddie. 4th place isn’t too shabby? Manic Maddie was so close to placing when Lynn crashed and threw a curve ball in the game. She couldn’t catch back up after that.

Speedy Stevie: Steven in the office and Speedy Stevie on the track. He almost had the win but fell short in the last moments of the race by .071. Now that is sad, he got beat BY A GIRL. Jk Steven you are still cool, and speedy. And really good at air hockey.

Let me crash into the wall Lynn: Lynn’s goal was to defeat David, although she did not pass him, he did not win the prize, so she succeeded (sort of). She also crashed into the wall and made everyone stop racing while they fixed her kart but it’s fine, we’re fine.

Take out Tracy: Tracy was planning on ‘taking everyone out’ with her kart…. but …. she may or may not have gotten last place… Thank you for ‘taking us out’ on this team bonding experience Tracy!

Daredevil David: David came into the game ready to win, but a few others’ only goal was to beat him. Don’t dare to defeat David, he is quite the devil on the track and smoked his haters and still managed to get 3rd place!

Alone Alyssa: Alyssa was alone basically the whole race because she was so slow, she was only with people when they were lapping her. She is the intern though… so who cares? Just kidding she is really cool, just slow.

Lawless Lauryn: Lauryn was as speedy as ever and did not care one bit about the rules. Brakes? Slowing down? None of these words are in Lauryn’s vocabulary. Anyways, she won. It’s all good though, we’re not bitter.

Three things were learned on this trip:
1. Some of us should probably stick to our day jobs and take a break from the racing.
2. We should invest in more head socks.
3. Whatever you do, do not get in the car with Lauryn or Lynn.

There are a few reasons why team building is important. It is not only fun, but very effective and leads to a more successful business. Bonding motivates our employees and helps develop a better sense of communication with coworkers. It is important to have a strong basis of friendship with the people you work with, not only from a business standpoint, but it makes things more exciting in the work place. It is always good to take a break from the work, and build some lifelong friendships.

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