Providence’s Tips and Tricks for Building Media Relationships in 2021

Want to stay relevant in 2021? Consider building media relationships to gain the spotlight. This form of earned media is an excellent tool to stay relevant and enhance your (or your client’s) brand image..

Building media relationships is a beneficial layer to your overall marketing strategy. Earned media is often the result of cultivating great media relationships. This offers free publicity for your brand as well as provides content for the journalist- creating a win-win situation for both parties.

Navigating the media landscape can be tricky without the right know-how. Here are some tips and tricks to build strategic connections with key members of the press relevant to your industry- both virtually and in person.

  1. Do your research

Read newspapers, watch the news and listen to the radio to stay informed on the right journalists to cover YOUR story and specific brand message.

Make a list of your media contacts with notes to stay organized. Remember, media relationships are not about the amount but rather creating quality contacts that are beneficial to your brand.

  1. Identify fitting media outlets to your brand’s story

What story do you want to convey? Whether it’s regarding an upcoming event, social outreach or campaigning a new product- first identify the correct platform that best fits your desired message.

  1. Pitch perfect

Journalists are bombarded with hundreds of email pitches and demanding deadlines. Piquing their interest starts with the basics of a relevant pitch. Visit the journalist’s website and track their stories to see what kind of content they already cover and customize your pitch accordingly.

  1. Reach out

After verifying which publications exemplify the right tone and audience for your brand, it’s time to reach out. Make contact via email, call or link with a PR firm that already has media connections. The right PR firm can easily connect you with your desired media outlet.

Pro-tip: provide a name or mutual link the journalist is familiar with to first introduce yourself.

  1. Be Direct

The first few lines of your email should encapsulate your pitch- this shows respect for the journalist’s limited time. Communicate clearly and straight to the point what you hope to convey in the publication or broadcast while keeping the tone professional and warm.

It’s important to communicate key details with journalists to ensure your company is portrayed in the desired light. By turning to the media, you release some creative control so be mindful of how the publication will affect your stakeholders and be careful what information you decide to divulge.

  1. In-person tips

Start with requesting just 15 minutes of their time for a meeting over coffee. Creating a face-to-face connection will help solidify that media relationship. The meeting should be professional but personable as well. You can take the opportunity to share a bit about your passions and socialize.

Perhaps the most advantageous part of an in-person meeting is taking the time to listen. Listening gives more insight into the journalist’s personality and unique interests.

  1. Establishing credibility

Building relationships with reputable news outlets creates credibility for your organization. Rather than being a biased message coming from your company website or a paid ad, earned media can gain the respect of the public and alter their perspective of your brand.

Media relationships have the potential to significantly widen your audience with the benefit of free publicity through earned media. Maintaining these relationships with key media personnel is the ticket for great press when you want it!

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