The Perfect Guide to Christmas Shopping (Maybe)

Steven_ElfYou know the holiday season is here when you find yourself scrambling to buy presents for your family, friends and coworkers. Some people can be hard to shop for but others are fans of Justin Bieber and really, anything can appease them – it’s unbeliebable.

In addition to the shopping, there will be plenty of parties out there. Whether you’re invited to them or not is a different story.

Instead of taking these things personally, remind yourself that everything happens for a reason. Most of these parties are probably going to be packed with Raiders fans and they wouldn’t know what to do around a winner like you anyways. When you think about it, this might actually explain the team’s success or lack thereof the last 10 seasons. So instead of sulking, organize an office Christmas party and earn infinite brownie points! Just make sure to leave the mistletoe at home. Or at the very least, don’t invite HR. It’s your call.

What you should really be putting your time and energy into is thinking about the gag gifts you’re going to buy your friends. Personally, I suggest going with a Nickelback album. The key to buying a good gag gift is that the recipient has no real use for it and this album fits the bill perfectly. On the off chance they like Nickelback, feel free to unfriend them on Facebook and in real life. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

With that said, I still would rather listen to Nickelback than “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer”. Over the course of my childhood it’s safe to say that I saw the animated Christmas special on Cartoon Network over 100 times. So before you throw me into the “War on Christmas” group with Starbucks, take a moment to try and understand my pain.

It’s the same kind of pain you’ll have to endure when you have to pay up for “one-day” and “two-day” shipping to ensure your presents arrive on time. Not so funny anymore is it?

If you’ve learned anything from this blog (which is highly unlikely) it’s that you shouldn’t put off your Christmas shopping until the last second (kind of like the fact that I shouldn’t have put writing this blog off until the last second). You will avoid a lot of stress and your wallet will thank you for all the money you’ll save on shipping. When it comes down to it, take a deep breath and remind yourself – it’s the thought that counts.

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