Thankful Hearts at PSCI

As we blast full speed into the holiday season, we wanted to pump the breaks for a moment and take some time to reflect back on the last ten months in our world of public relations. We’ve had so much fun advocating for our clients within the business community here in Kern and feel privileged to be given the opportunity to represent them. Our day-to-day is chock-full of email blasts, meetings, social media management, media relations, writing, editing and much more. Just like anyone else, if we don’t intentionally make the time to take a step back to reflect and be thankful, we’ll miss it – because we can remember last November like it was yesterday. Can you?thankful blog

The top 5 things we at PSCI are thankful for this season:

  • Wonderful clients – our people are some of the more kind-hearted, hilarious people we’ve come by. They make our job enjoyable and our interactions pleasant and rewarding. We realize that this is not always a guarantee, and in that case, we welcome a good challenge!
  • The thriving community of Kern County – #1 in energy production in the country, a leader in agriculture and home to some of the largest and most successful non-profit chapters in the country, Kern County is truly a force to be reckoned with. It’s a great place to do business, find community and raise a family. We are so thankful for those that have paved the way before us, laying the framework and foundation for a vibrant, healthy business community.
  • RAIN! That which we’ve had and that which is to come (El Niño anyone?). There is nothing quite like Bakersfield after the rain!
  • Food for our bellies and fuel for our cars – remember the line about Kern taking the cake in energy production and agriculture (see second bullet)? Our thriving oil and ag industries work together in beautiful harmony, feeding our appetites and fueling our lives. We are incredibly appreciative of both these industries as they truly make Kern County the vibrant community that it is!
  • And lastly… our new home! Psst… PSCI is moving! We have been truly blessed with a healthy, growing business with so much opportunity ahead of us. We are so thankful for a space of our own with more room to work and solve problems for our clients. Stay tuned for more info on that in 2016!
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