What Dogs can Teach Us about Great Communications

Dogs can teach us A LOT about thriving in the workplace, especially in a public relations firm. Public relations professionals have discovered the secret to being great communicators – it’s all about ‘going to the dogs.’

Here are a series of 4 tips we can learn from our furry friends about good communications:

  1. Be Positive!
    A wise person once said being positive isn’t being unrealistic, it’s preparing for the worst but hoping for the best.Dogs are experts at being positive throughout life’s adversities. One of Instagram’s favorite dogs, Cora Rose, has inspired thousands of people to look on the bright side of life.Cora Rose - the DogCora Rose survived an ordeal many dogs have not. She came out of her ordeal with two limbs less than what she had before, but somehow this transformation made her stronger and happier. Cora Rose taught us we can learn to keep our heads high and our tails wagging through all life’s problems.
  2.  Stay Loyal
    Staying loyal to your values, family, business and even your home are all respectable qualities in a PR professional. Keep to your gut and never let someone pressure you into doing something you feel is unethical. Most dogs seem to stay loyal to each other. To us, this is constantly surprising.
    Madison the Dog is loyalMadison, a male Anatolian Shepherd mix, was found at his home after the California Camp Fire had destroyed it in November of 2018. He was left behind after his family attempted to save him and his brother during the fire, both dogs were frightened and did not want to get into the vehicle. An entire month had passed before Madison was reunited with his family. Madison managed to survive the fire with no burns or injuries. Madison taught us how to stay faithful.
  3.  Be a Good Listener
    When you’re having a ruff day, you can always count on your best furry friend to comfort you. Whether it’s a sloppy kiss or a long cuddle, they are always there for you.
    So many good dogs at ProvidenceHumans find it easier to talk to pets than to other human beings. Dogs, for example, offer humans a safe environment and unconditional love. Dogs can’t laugh. They will never judge or interrupt you. And they’re always there to listen to you. The next time you need to put your ‘listening ears’ on, remember to listen like a dog.
  4.  Forgive and Forget
    You might suspect that your Basset Hound remembers the time you accidentally stepped on his tail. Even so, he greets you at the door with a smile, a bark and a tail wag. Dogs are great at moving on from what has happened. We should be, too.It can be easy to hold a grudge against a coworker, customer, boss or a person on the internet. Letting go of the past will help you build relationships and create a better environment in your workplace.more cute dogs at ProvidenceInteracting with people on the internet can be daunting and frustrating. Remember to take a pause or walk before replying to negative comments. If you’re at home, pet your dog. Doing any of these will help your response be clear and professional. When you see the commenter again on another post, remember to interact with them as if you never saw their negative comment.Remember our earlier motto? ‘Preparing for the worst but hoping for the best.’ We must always maintain professionalism, even when it seems impossible.
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