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Why Advocacy and Communications are a Perfect Pair

What is Issue Advocacy? 

Issue advocacy is similar to selling a product – it’s about winning support through effective communication. The essential goal of issue advocacy is influencing public opinion, by effectively communicating with the media, elected officials, and other stakeholders – that’s why a strong communications strategy is the driving force in a successful campaign. It’s your chance to shape a story with tailored content consistent with your organization’s messaging –securing your brand image.

Issue advocacy involves developing a comprehensive and strategic communications plan that fights for or against policies or other issues that affect businesses, organizations and communities. The primary goal is to educate and engage targeted audiences to influence policy decision-making. The main motive here is successfully delivering a call to action.

Why is Issue Advocacy SO important in Kern County?

Kern County has a long history of successful businesses and coalitions in the energy sector such as oil, gas and renewables. The region is booming with innovations in the sector, particularly with carbon capture and storage for renewable energy production. 

Certain industries that absolutely NEED advocacy are energy, water, agriculture, healthcare, commercial development, and government. Providence has a proven track record of assisting clients in these sectors in successfully navigating the issue advocacy landscape. We’ve had the privilege of working with developers, on large-scale solar projects, agriculture and water, transportation and of course, energy. As major policies demand frequent change in these sectors, professional assistance is a MUST. We handle all strategic communications when it comes to issue advocacy and tailor a plan fitting to the organization’s goals and needs.

What is Strategic Communications?

Strategic communications entail incorporating a purposeful narrative that conveys company core values, principles and initiatives. Another key element of communications is keeping messaging consistent across all communications channels. It’s more than simply disseminating information- the work calls for a response with targeted messaging.

Communications Platforms:

– PR and media outreach

– Social Media

– SEO, blogs and website development

– Newsletters and key messaging materials

Advocacy communications can include materials such as policy briefs highlighting relevant research in the form of fact sheets and pamphlets. Organized meetings can also be an excellent way to support overall communications efforts when done correctly. We like to encourage our clients to “set the table” first. Laying the foundation at the start is critical and will usually dictate whether the outcome is a success or not. 

Advocacy + Communications

Believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong way to go about advocacy. Advocacy communications begin with crafting on-brand messaging that speaks to your target audience while keeping the social and political climate in mind. Developing effective messaging means stimulating dialogue with the media, community leaders, and legislators. Moreover, building and maintaining relations with media personnel covering the issue can add to the campaign’s efficacy.

A strategic communications campaign for issue advocacy can be a lengthy process but the return on investment is evident when led by a skilled public relations agency. We work hard to gain the public’s trust and execute policy objectives on your behalf with decision makers. Our expertise lies in building strong communications strategies from the ground up!

A Bit About Us

Providence specializes in creating strategic communications plans unique to our clients. We have extensive experience working with a variety of nonprofit organizations as well as oil, agriculture, large commercial developers, and healthcare industries. With offices in Bakersfield and Fresno, Providence provides unique contributions to the businesses who power our economy. We know what is required for successful issue advocacy for industries particular to this region.

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