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#WorldcomStrong: Why we are proud to be a Worldcom partner

At Providence, we are proud of many things: proud of our team, our culture, our work ethic, the list goes on. One of the things that we are extraordinarily proud of is our partnership with global public relations network, Worldcom PR . Make no mistake, this is not your average membership. We underwent rigorous preparation, were intensely vetted, and upon successful presentation of our firm’s background and capabilities, we were approved by the rest of the group to become a partner.

This partnership says a lot about our firm, but it also provides incredible value for our clients. As a partner in this exclusive organization, Providence can tap into the resources of other firms in various parts of the country or even globally and collaborate as one to efficiently solve client problems big and small. It allows us to serve as an extension of another partner firm and vice versa. Our involvement in Worldcom has allowed our team to grow, stay ahead of trends, techniques and best practices, and ultimately give our clients a huge advantage over their competition.

To be surrounded by prestigious agencies from around the world is exciting, encouraging and highly motivating. This relationship allows us to continue striving to bring world-class customer service to our current and future clients. Providence has always been a unique firm, set apart from most due to our innovation and hard work, but Worldcom brings another level of excellence to our shop that inspires us to continue elevating the Central Valley of California and delivering tangible, meaningful results.

More specifically, in this challenging era of COVID-19, the Worldcom organization has provided countless resources and valuable tools to help our firm, and thus our clients, navigate the many changes and uncertainties. Additionally, a critical component to public relations is… relationships! We have had the honor and privilege to befriend many agency leaders through the organization who have supported and encouraged us along in our journey with the Worldcom Group. We’re so proud of this partnership, thrilled to see it positively impact our clients, and looking forward to a very bright future with the Worldcom Public Relations Group. #WorldcomStrong

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