5 Simple Tips on Creating the Best Video for Social Media

by Aaryck Enriquez, Digital Marketing Specialist

In a previous blog post, we encouraged you to start producing more videos for your social media content and the reasons why are important! By 2020, 80% of all consumer traffic will be video and 76.5% of marketers and business owners are seeing positive results with their video marketing. That’s right! Over 76% of brands and businesses that used video as a part of their social marketing campaign, saw more positive results compared to those without. Now that you have the facts, here are 5 Tips on How to Create Your Best Video Today!

  1. Make People want to Share your Video on Social Media!

The videos that get the highest amount of engagement on social media are funny videos, DIY tips, “Behind the Scenes” and heartwarming videos. It’s important to get your audience to care about your brand and what you’re selling. If the video is flashy and well made, but it lacks incentive for engagement, then you missed out on a great opportunity and there goes your ROI down the drain.

  1. Stick Close to 30 – 60 Seconds.

Let’s be honest – Facebook and Instagram are overwhelming. The news feed is designed to put all the content someone likes into one, accessible place. The problem: it’s all in one place. So, your video is not only fighting for news feed real estate, it’s also fighting for your audience’s attention. For Facebook, keep your video around 60 seconds and keep it close to 30 seconds on Instagram. Anything more is rolling the dice on great engagement on your social media.

  1. Visual > Audio on Social Media

Facebook has all videos on auto-play but there isn’t any sound until the video is clicked. So, make sure your visuals are very eye-catching and worthy of a click! Social media is fast paced so make sure you have something worth looking at!

  1. Get to the Point

The first 3 seconds are the most important seconds for your video on social media. Those seconds will be the deciding factor of whether someone is going to watch your video. Keep it interesting and worth staying for.

  1. Be Creative or Hire Someone to Help

We have personally witnessed small businesses shoot video with their iPhone and still receive great engagement from their audience. The videos were creative, unique and offered an experience that consumers normally wouldn’t get anywhere else. However, continuously creating good quality video, let alone, content, is a full-time job…

Don’t worry! We are here to help if you need it. We love filming and creating exclusive video content for our clients and hope that we have the chance to for you in the future!

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